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EM@3AM: Burns

An 18-year-old male has been found unresponsive in a house fire with severe burns. VS in the field include T 37.5C, BP 144/77, HR 110, RR 15, Pulse Ox 98% on RA. You have minutes to prepare your team to care for this patient. What’s your next step in evaluation and treatment?


R.E.B.E.L. EM – Is Amiodarone Dead?

This post dives into the three most common places amiodarone is employed in the ED: cardioversion of atrial fibrillation, cardioversion of VT and in refractory VF/VT cardiac arrest and demonstrates that superior evidence points to better options for management.


EM@3AM: Giant Cell/Temporal Arteritis

A 57-year-old female presents with right sided headache and mild fever (100.8 F). You note an enlarged, tender temporal artery with beading on exam. She denies vision changes. What is the diagnosis, and what are your next steps?

Peds EM Morsels

Leukemia Clues

Leukemia can be difficult to diagnose in the pediatric patient. This Pediatric EM Morsels from Sean Fox gives you some clues.


Quick-Hit Ultrasound Pearl: Ultrasound for Small Bowel Obstruction

The Mount Sinai interns' latest US pearl shows us that: The proper use of POCUS for small bowel obstruction can expedite care, replace plain film radiography, reduce cost, reduce duration of stay, lead to expedited surgical consultations, and reduce unnecessary radiation. Better yet, studies have shown that emergency medicine physicians can accurately diagnose SBO with high sensitivity and specificity after a short amount of training.