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Cleavon MD


We are proud to introduce you to Dr. Cleavon Gilman, originator of CleavonMD.  Cleavon is a current emergency medicine chief resident who uses narrative music to highlight clinical conditions and social issues such as burnout, gun violence, and immigration. For his first post, emDocs features SICCC GERMS!

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The Sick Post-CABG patient

A patient presenting status post CABG can be difficult to evaluate and manage. What should you consider? Tim Montrief provides you with pearls and pitfalls for your next shift.


EM@3AM: Le Fort Fractures

An 28-year-old male presents after high-speed MVC with facial pain and loss of consciousness. He has severe facial pain and bruising, conjunctival hemorrhage bilaterally, and facial paresthesias. What is the patient’s diagnosis? What’s the next step in your evaluation?