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Ask Me Anything – ANDY SLOAS – PEM ED Podcast Host

Join us 2/5/15 at 9 PM EST as we have our next AMA with Andy Sloas, DO, RDMS, FAAEM (@PEMEDpodcast) from PED ED Podcast (

Live Blog AMA 2/5 with Andy Sloas

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AMA with Deborah Diercks – SAEM President & UTSW EM Chair – 2/2/15

Live Blog Ask Me Anything With Deborah Diercks

practice updates

Lyceum Bullets: DKA

Questions Addressed:

  • When you are suspicious for DKA do you obtain a VBG or an ABG? How good is a VBG for determining acid/base status?
  • Do you use serum or urine ketones to guide your diagnosis and treatment of DKA?
  • Do you use IV bicarbonate administration for the treatment of severe acidosis in DKA? If so, when?
  • When do you start an insulin infusion in patients with hypokalemia? Do you give a bolus followed by a drip?

Ask Me Anything

AMA with Anand Swaminathan, MD (@EMSwami)

Live Blog Ask Me Anything with Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH


Yellowstone Advanced Airway Course Pearls

"This procedure (cricothyrotomy) is a bloody mess and very tactile, you want to feel your landmarks before making each cut"
Adaira Landry, MD with her top ten pearls from Dr. Richard Levitan's recent airway course in Yellowstone.

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"Rule out SBO"

A diagnostic dilemma from the case files of Janus General. The presentation of this clinical zebra is provided by one of our esteemed editors, Adaira Landry, MD (@AllAroundDoc).