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EM Cases

EM Cases – Community Acquired Pneumonia: Emergency Management

While community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is ‘bread and butter’ emergency medicine, and the diagnosis is often a ‘slam dunk’, it turns out that up one third of the time, we are wrong about the diagnosis; that x-rays are not perfect; that blood work is seldom helpful; that not all antibiotics are created equal and that deciding who can go home and who needs to go to the ICU isn’t always so clear cut.

EM Cases

EM Cases – Burn and Inhalation Injuries: ED Wound Care, Resuscitation and Airway Management

Burn and inhalation injury patients present to the ED more often than one might think, with a staggering half a million annual visits in the USA alone. It turns out that for all burn patients—from minor to severe—there is a lot of room for improvement in ED management, counselling and disposition.

EM Cases

EM Cases – The First and Last 15 Minutes Part 1

The first and last 15 minutes of trauma management are critical in giving your patient the best chance of functional survival. In this podcast we gain perspectives from both academic trauma team leaders Dr. Chris Hicks and Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak and community trauma expert Dr. Kylie Bosman in these critical moments.