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Beta Blockers in Sepsis

"Beta blockers may improve hemodynamics, organ preservation, pressor requirements, and mortality"
Is there a role for beta blockade in septic patients? It seems counterintuitive, but Cynthia Santos, MD presents some recent literature suggesting a benefit in an ICU setting.

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Airway Subtleties in Critically Ill Patients

DKA: "Trying to intubate [...] using standard approaches can cause a period of apnea, which can kill your patient"
Cynthia Santos, MD with recs for your patients with salicylate toxicity, sepsis-induced ARDS, and DKA (ie, the ones who will likely require some modification to your usual airway algorithm). Crucial info here!

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Synthetic Cannabinoids

"There have been a growing number of cases associated with life-threatening neurotoxic effects and cardiotoxic effects"
Cynthia Santos, MD gives a nice overview of the increasingly popular synthetic cannabinoids, including the range of clinical presentations, management, and the bottom line for your practice in the ED.