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Neonatal Resuscitation

Neonatal Resuscitation Highlights Author: Geoff Jara-Almonte, MD (PEM Fellow, NY Methodist Hospital) // Edited by: Jennifer Robertson, MD and Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) You are midway through an overnight shift in a suburban emergency department (ED) when a young woman is dropped off by her partner in labor. The triage nurse brings her to an […]

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Pediatric Medical Resuscitation – The Airway

Pediatric Medical Resuscitation Pearls and Pitfalls:  The Airway Author: Geoff Jara-Almonte, MD // Editor: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK)  Featured on #FOAMED REVIEW 39TH EDITION – Thank you to Michael Macias from emCurious (@EMedCurious) for the shout out! You are one hour into your overnight shift at a single-coverage semi-rural emergency department when you are paged overhead to […]

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Resuscitation of the Pregnant Trauma Patient – Pearls and Pitfalls

While on shift at a busy urban emergency department, you are notified by EMS dispatch of an ambulance en-route with a patient involved in a high-speed MVC. They report she is a female, in her 20s or 30s, who is obviously gravid, but of unknown gestational age. According to EMS vital signs are: HR 104, RR 25, BP 104/54, and SpO2 98% on room air. They are requesting activation of your trauma team.