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PE and Evaluation of Risk: Pik Mukherji (AllNYCEM6)

"More a story of over-testing than risk"
The 6th All NYC EM Conference was held on March 12, 2014 at the NY Academy of Medicine. There were some fantastic talks, with highlights tweeted throughout on #AllNYCEM6. A contingent of the emDocs team was also there, taking lots of notes so we can now present to you a more detailed summary of Dr. Pik Mukherji's (@ercowboy) excellent lecture on pulmonary embolism and the current state of testing and treatment in the ED.

In the Literature

Imaging in Frequent ED Users with Alcohol Use Disorders

There is a growing effort to better characterize patient populations with extremely high ED usage, with the goal of developing effective interventions and delivering better care. A particularly challenging subset within this group includes those with alcohol use disorders, who we see frequently, but are not well defined in the literature. With that in mind, I took part in a chart review (in press, made available online today @ JEM) looking at our institution's most frequent users over a period of 3 years, with specific concern for frequency of imaging studies and the associated findings. Bottom line - these patients are scanned all the time, and for good reason. All the more reason to recalibrate how we approach the paradox of treating a chronic disease like alcoholism in patients seen almost exclusively in an ED setting.


EMCrit/Sinai ED Critical Care Conference Recap

"With a little help from my friends..."
Today was the 9th annual ED critical care conference hosted at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine and the emDocs crew was in attendance. This conference is described as "the largest free Emergency Critical Care conference in the country," and speakers this year included giants like Rich Levitan, Haney Mallemat, and Scott Weingart. And the rumors about the cage match between Andy Jagoda and Anand Swaminathan were true.