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R.E.B.E.L. EM – Getting Things Done in a Hyperdistracted World

I have been accused by many of my colleagues and friends as being hypomanic. They always wonder how I get so much done. Do I function on 4 – 5 hours of sleep? Is it the fact that I am not married or don’t have kids? Well those things definitely help, but I think it’s because I have a rigorous structure in my daily life, that allows me to get so much done.


R.E.B.E.L. EM – Critical Care Updates: Resuscitation Sequence Intubation – Hypoxemia Kills (Part 2 of 3)

This blog post is the second part of a series of 3, on a recent lecture I was asked to give on Critical Care Updates: Resuscitation Sequence Intubation. In part two of this series we will discuss some useful strategies at the bedside to help us reduce pre-intubation/peri-intubation hypoxemia.


Post Intubation Hypotension: The AH SHITE mnemonic

You have just secured the endotracheal tube following an uneventful intubation of a moderately ill patient in your emergency department. They had a normal pre-intubation blood pressure. As you are calling the admit in to the ICU the patient’s nurse tells you that the BP is now in the 70’s. NOW WHAT?