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EM in 5: Hypertensive Emergency Treatment

This week on EM in 5, we focus on your options in the patient with hypertensive emergency. How do you define it and what do you do about managing it?


EM in 5: Dental Fractures

Welcome to another edition of EM in 5 by Dr. Anna Pickens. Today we focus on dental fractures, with some core readings at the end.


EM in 5: NOACs – Novel Oral Anticoagulants

emDOCs would like to introduce a new series in association with creator and founder of EM in 5, Dr. Anna Pickens! We will be hosting videos from Dr. Pickens with links to further reading to provide focused visual and audio learning for those with a short time to obtain what you need for your next shift. Today EM in 5 covers NOACs.