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The EM Educator Series: Why did the patient with alcohol dependence stop drinking?

Welcome to The EM Educator Series. These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working. The featured questions provide important learning points for those working with you, as well as vital items to consider in the evaluation and management of the specific condition discussed. This first post discusses several components of alcohol use in the ED. 

Elemental EM

Elemental EM: Preeclampsia

In the ED, we see patients with asymptomatic hypertension who are frequently discharged with primary care follow-up. This post opens a brief discussion and opportunity for learning about an instance where asymptomatic hypertension requires urgent action, hypertension in pregnancy.


Tox Cards: Novel Synthetic Opioids

Fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives are causing a spike in overdose deaths, whereas deaths from prescription opioids are stabilizing. Patients overdosing on novel synthetic opioids or "designer opioids" can require high doses of naloxone. Health care personnel can be at risk for exposure without proper protection.