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Pain Profiles: ED Migraine Management – The New Kid on the “Block”

Last month, a long-anticipated trial on ED migraine treatment came out evaluating the use of greater occipital nerve blocks (GONB) in the ED for refractory migraines. This edition of Pain Profiles looks at migraines, what we know about migraine treatment, and what nerve blocks bring to the table.

Pain Profiles

Pain Profiles: Feeling Blocked?

This edition of Pain Profiles looks at a new review from Annals of Emergency Medicine on regional anesthesia.

Pain Profiles

Pain Profiles: Effects of anticholinergic medications to decrease extrapyramidal side effects in patients taking acute antiemetics

Today we bring a practice changer in the Pain Profiles series by Dr. David Cisewski. This post looks at using prophylactic anticholinergics in patients receiving antiemetics to reduce extrapyramidal side effects. We follow the normal post with highlights from Twitter and expert commentary from Sergey Motov.