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Peds EM Morsels

Pediatric Cervical Spine Injury

Oh, once again, Homer is correct! Physics does matter. As does Anatomy and Physiology with respect to caring for children.

Peds EM Morsels

Airbag Injury and Children

Motor vehicle crashes injure and kill many people each year and children are particularly at risk.

Peds EM Morsels

Priapism in Children

One specific condition that may lead to a less than enjoyable shift is priapism. Why?

Peds EM Morsels


We cannot afford to be cavalier in our jobs. What is, on the surface, seemingly simple, may be more complex. Take for example, the “Sore Throat.”

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Laryngeal Fracture

Few things are more synonymous with pediatric emergency care than “throat pain” and “trauma.” If you are seeing children in the ED right now, I’m sure there is one complaining of sore throat and another has had a recent traumatic injury.

Peds EM Morsels

Vertigo in Children

Let us take a minute to digest a Morsel of goodness on Vertigo in Children.