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PEM Playbook – Altered Mental Status in Children

Altered mental status in children can be subtle. Look for age-specific behaviors that range from irritability to anger to sleepiness to decreased interaction. In the altered child, anchoring bias is your biggest enemy. Keep your mind open to the possibilities, and be ready to change it, when new ...

PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Adventures in RSI

Pediatric airway management is a skill that integrates the three types of knowledge as described by the ancient Greeks: Episteme — theoretical knowledge Techne — technical knowledge Phronesis — practical wisdom — also called prudence. Here we’ll invoke each type of knowledge and unde...

PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Intranasal Medications and You

Intranasal medications, if understood and employed properly, are a great choice to avoid an IV or as a bridge until IV access is obtained. Learn the strengths and limits of intranasal fentanyl, midazolam, ketamine, and dexmedetomidine.