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Hypothermia and Drowning Pearls

Winter is coming...well maybe not yet, but you never know when you will see your next drowning or hypothermic patient will enter your ED, so be prepared! Check out the latest pearls on hypothermia and drowning!

practice updates

Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage

We know that all bleeding eventually stops: ideally, by means that we have imposed rather than by exhaustion of the patient’s RBC resources. We also know that the easiest, and often most efficacious, way to halt bleeding is to put some manual pressure on the source of bleeding. Well, that isn’t always so easy to accomplish. How do you put your finger on a bleeding tonsil?

practice updates

Pediatric Back Pain

Pediatric patient with back pain? Those of us who take care of adults also know all too well the complaint of Back Pain and are comfortable looking for the Red Flags of serious etiologies of that complaint. Back pain in the pediatric ED is definitely not as prevalent as the adult ED, but actually warrants some additional concern. Thanks to Sean M. Fox, MD (@PedEMMorsels) for this great post!


EM Care of the Obese Patient: Pearls & Pitfalls

As the obesity epidemic continues to rise, we must be equipped to deal with the challenges that these patients bring to the emergency department. Dr. Mallemat discusses the pearls & pitfalls of the obese patient in EM, as well as some useful tips & tricks.

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The Febrile HIV Patient

In the febrile HIV patient, there are many diagnostic dilemmas and potential life-threatening disease processes which make the diagnosis and treatment difficult. When approaching these patients, it is useful to separate complications into organ systems and then try to estimate the patient's immune status if it is not known.