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Lactate Level in Kids

We see that, like in adults, an elevated lactate can help identify those patients who are potentially sicker than others, although not perfectly. It is only helpful if it alerts you to severe illness presenting subtly or helps direct your resuscitation efforts… which, again, require the astute cli...

practice updates

Resuscitation of the Pregnant Trauma Patient – Pearls and Pitfalls

While on shift at a busy urban emergency department, you are notified by EMS dispatch of an ambulance en-route with a patient involved in a high-speed MVC. They report she is a female, in her 20s or 30s, who is obviously gravid, but of unknown gestational age. According to EMS vital signs are: HR ...

practice updates

Ask Me Anything – ANDY SLOAS – PEM ED Podcast Host

Join us 2/5/15 at 9 PM EST as we have our next AMA with Andy Sloas, DO, RDMS, FAAEM (@PEMEDpodcast) from PED ED Podcast ( Live Blog AMA 2/5 with Andy Sloas window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {if (window.cilVwRand === undefined) { windo...