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US Probe: Ultrasound for Shoulder Dislocation and Reduction

After taking all the time and resources for conscious sedation, you find yourself unsure whether the shoulder dislocation has been reduced. You have two options: 1) Wait for sedation to wear off. Send patient around corner to x-ray. a) If reduced, great. b) If not reduced, then your team must repeat the whole process. 2) ULTRASOUND!


US Probe: Ultrasound for Small Bowel Obstruction

The Mount Sinai interns' latest US pearl shows us that: The proper use of POCUS for small bowel obstruction can expedite care, replace plain film radiography, reduce cost, reduce duration of stay, lead to expedited surgical consultations, and reduce unnecessary radiation. Better yet, studies h...


US Probe: Ultrasound for Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities

Clinical history and physical concerning for acute coronary occlusion...equivocal EKG...normal Troponin or Troponin still pending... Bedside echo for regional wall motion abnormalities can detect imminent focal ischemia


FOAMed Resource Series Part II: Ultrasound

FOAMed has revolutionized medical education. This is the second part of a multipart series evaluating FOAMed resources for learners of all levels. Today’s post covers ultrasound, an essential tool in emergency medicine.