EKG Practice #2

By Ray Fowler, MD
Professor of EM / EMS
UTSW / Parkland

Edited by Alex Koyfman, MD

Case #1

A 38 year-old female presents about a month after having had epigastric and chest pain that was quite severe for an entire day about a month ago. She took some Zantac and Maalox, felt better, and went to bed. The next day she was weakened, but she gradually felt better and went about her business.

In the last 24 hours she has noticed that she has had episodes of lightheadedness and occasional palpitations, so she comes to the ED. Your nurse hands you her ECG. What is your interpretation?


Case #2

A 36 year old male calls EMS due to chest pain and palpitations. Medics come and pick him up, and find him to be having severe chest pain with a systolic of 90. The medics call into BioTel (the online medical control) requesting instructions. They tell me that the man has a history of SVT. I asked them to transmit the ECG, and they sent this:


They are still on-scene, and their ETA will be about 10 minutes once en route. What would YOU do??

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