EM Mindset: Sam Ghali – Make Things Happen, Save Lives, Alleviate Suffering

Author: Sam Ghali, MD (@EM_RESUS – EM Attending Physician, University of Kentucky Medical Center) // Edited by: Manpreet Singh, MD (@MPrizzleER) and Alex Koyfman, MD (EM Attending Physician, UT Southwestern Medical Center / Parkland Memorial Hospital, @EMHighAK)

My ED is a battlefield. Volumes are high and the pace is fast. To succeed as an Emergency Physician I must be an expert of efficiency. I also must be an expert of triage. I am constantly triaging and re-triaging as things evolve. The ED is highly unpredictable. My entire shift I am on guard and ready for any emergency to come flying through the doors at any moment. In the meantime I am either taking care of or seeking out other emergencies. My job is not to be expert in all of medicine. My job is to be jack of all trades and master of diagnosing and treating what can and will kill you. If I cannot provide the definitive care you need, my job does not end until I have gotten you there.

The more I practice Emergency Medicine, the more I realize that what I do more than anything else is- make things happen. Cliff Reid (@cliffreid) delivered an excellent SMACC talk on making things happen in the resuscitation bay. (If you haven’t yet heard it I recommend you do). I’ve come to realize that this concept extends beyond the resus bay and pervades all aspects of my job.

So what does it mean to make things happen? Making things happen means putting my visions of what needs to happen into motion and making them reality. 


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