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We cannot afford to be cavalier in our jobs. What is, on the surface, seemingly simple, may be more complex. Take for example, the “Sore Throat.”


EM@3AM: Peritoneal Dialysis Emergencies

A 42 year-old male presents with abdominal pain and fevers for 72 hours, with nausea and vomiting for 24 hours. He has a history of ESRD and has been on peritoneal dialysis for 5 years. Triage vital signs (VS): BP 105/60, HR 121, T 101.4 temporal, RR 24, SpO2 98% on room air. Pertinent physical examination findings include a tender peritoneal dialysis site and diffuse abdominal tenderness, but no erythema overlying the PD site. What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?

Ultrasound G.E.L.

Ultrasound G.E.L. – E/e’ for Acute Heart Failure

Point of care ultrasound protocols for acute heart failure are a dime a dozen these days - for good reason. Ultrasound has made this diagnosis way easier in the acute care setting. The question now is who can come up with the best protocol - something easy, accurate, and fast. These authors put their spin on the traditional heart and lungs protocol by including a measurement of the left atrial pressure. How does it hold up?