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Wellens’ Syndrome

"One of the essential instant recognition abnormalities on ECG"
Knowing how to spot Wellens' morphology is crucial, but knowing when to expect those ECG changes is the other half of the battle. In this excellent article, Brendon Browning, DO covers the intricacies of this deadly entity, including diagnostic criteria, management pitfalls, and how to identify mimics.

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Dengue Fever

"Hundreds of thousands of cases of hemorrhagic fever yearly"

Kyle Brown, MD discusses dengue (aka "breakbone") fever in this detailed review, including characteristics of high-risk patients, criteria for making the diagnosis clinically, and current treatment recommendations.

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Ventricular Assist Device Management

"Some will not have a palpable pulse, and unfortunately, manual BP cannot be obtained. In addition, pulse oximetry is unreliable"

No pulse? No problem! Manpreet Singh, MD covers a stepwise approach to troubleshooting ventricular assist device complications in the emergency department.

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Blast Injuries

"The clinical picture is a mix of ARDS and air embolism"

Zara Mathews, MD covers the subject of blast injuries, including a review of the basics, important updates in the workup of these patients (for example, tympanic membrane rupture is not a great predictor of injury), and common pitfalls in management.

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Bath Salts

"Psychosis that can last for days to weeks"

Unless your patient on bath salts is very forthcoming, you may be on your own when making this clinical diagnosis. Be prepared with this primer on cathinones by Kyle Brown, MD.