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Sunday’s Review Q Roundup

Here are the review questions posted today, covering some peds, pulmonary, ID, and endocrine topics. Got a better answer to one of these? Definitely post it if so!


This Week’s Best of #FOAMed

We've got the highlights from Twitter this week, which includes some great critical care and peds-related content. We're particularly proud that two of the referenced articles were written by some of our awesome NYU/Bellevue faculty - Reuben Strayer (@EMUpdates) & Anand Swaminathan (@EMSwami). So without further ado, here are the tweets scored highest by YOU.

From @EMSwami

Myths in DKA Management

"The bolus insulin group had longer lengths of stay and a 6-fold increase in hypoglycemic episodes"

Anand Swaminathan, MD MPH (@EMSwami) addresses urban legends in DKA management, including VBGs vs ABGs, when to replete potassium, bicarb administration, and insulin boluses.


TweetED: FOAM For Your Phone

If you're reading this blog, it's likely that you already have a good sense of how much valuable information can be found on #FOAMed from day to day. Keeping up with Twitter can be difficult though, especially as the FOAMed movement becomes more popular and the number of related tweets continues to increase. Information overload is an issue we all deal with on a daily basis, and finding mechanisms to get to the information that is most high-yield and relevant is crucial. Twitter provides an easy way to assess the popularity (and in the FOAM world, possibly the clinical utility) of its content through the crowdsourcing functions of retweeting and favoriting tweets. This reasoning was the inspiration behind TweetED, an iPhone app that aggregates FOAMed from Twitter, helping you to find, share, and save the most useful clinical information.

Peds EM Morsels

Delayed Diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease

"Set an alarm that gets your attention anytime someone presents with 'fever for 5 days'"
Sean M. Fox, MD (@PedEMMorsels) with some excellent tips on recognizing factors putting your pediatric patients at risk for delayed diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease, including the more challenging to diagnose "incomplete" form of the disease.

practice updates

Supraglottic Airway Review

"The LMA also serves as a well documented rescue device for 'can’t intubate, can’t ventilate' situations"
Daniel Ostermayer, MD compares the various extraglottic airway devices available for adult and pediatric patients.