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Minor Burn Management and Controversies of Silver Sulfadiazine

Author: Brit Long, MD, CAPT (EM Resident Physician at SAUSHEC; USAF, @long_brit) // Editors: Jennifer Robertson, MD and Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) Case: A 62 year-old female is brought by paramedics into the emergency department with scald burns to both forearms. The paramedics mention that the patient was cooking with grease when, after briefly turning […]

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Simplicity and Entropy in Emergency Medicine

The job of an Emergency Physician (EP) is difficult. Every shift we balance the difficulties of making a decision with suboptimal information and resources amidst a sea of chaos. From a cognitive point of view, the main job of an EP is to organize the information in the Emergency Department (ED) to make safe and appropriate interventions and disposition decisions.