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Pediatric Back Pain

Pediatric patient with back pain? Those of us who take care of adults also know all too well the complaint of Back Pain and are comfortable looking for the Red Flags of serious etiologies of that complaint. Back pain in the pediatric ED is definitely not as prevalent as the adult ED, but actually warrants some additional concern. Thanks to Sean M. Fox, MD (@PedEMMorsels) for this great post!

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The Febrile HIV Patient

In the febrile HIV patient, there are many diagnostic dilemmas and potential life-threatening disease processes which make the diagnosis and treatment difficult. When approaching these patients, it is useful to separate complications into organ systems and then try to estimate the patient's immune status if it is not known.

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Osteomyelitis in Kids

Another tasty Ped EM Morsel to complement last week's adult osteomyelitis post by Ben Cooper. Thanks to Sean M. Fox, MD (@PedEMMorsels) for this great post!

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Pediatric Medical Resuscitation – The Airway

Pediatric Medical Resuscitation Pearls and Pitfalls:  The Airway Author: Geoff Jara-Almonte, MD // Editor: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK)  Featured on #FOAMED REVIEW 39TH EDITION – Thank you to Michael Macias from emCurious (@EMedCurious) for the shout out! You are one hour into your overnight shift at a single-coverage semi-rural emergency department when you are paged overhead to […]

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Neuro Intubation Highlights

You are working a busy shift when you receive a phone call from EMS that they are bringing in a “sick trauma patient.” As you prepare the trauma bay, the patient arrives. He is the victim of an assault and in clear need of intubation. He is unconscious with a GCS of 5, HR 125, BP 180/11, Sp02 88% on NRB 15 lpm, RR 22. As you prepare your medications, what are the best options for this scenario? Pre-treatment with lidocaine, fentantyl or esmolol? Is it okay to use ketamine in trauma patients in traumatic brain injury (TBI)?