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A Medical Toxicologist’s Approach to the Overdosed Patient

"As a medical toxicologist, I have a different take on the world of overdoses. Paracelsus has said 'All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.' Paracelsus’ adage is something that all medical toxicologists live by; however, we understand there is much more depth to the art of toxicology than the dose makes the poison."


EM@3AM: Placenta Previa

A 37-year-old G4P3003 female at 27 weeks GA presents via EMS for vaginal bleeding. She began having brisk vaginal bleeding after coitus about 30 minutes ago and has saturated 1 pad since onset. She denies associated abdominal pain, cramping, or prior episodes of vaginal bleeding during this pregnancy. On exam, her abdomen is gravid, soft, and non-tender. On external pelvic exam, she has no visible lesions, and the maternal pad she is sitting on is about 50% saturated with blood. What’s the diagnosis? What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?