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Non-Traditional ACS Risk Factors: A Snake in the Grass

What other patient populations are at risk for developing atherosclerotic disease and ACS that emergency physicians can miss? If our community is responsible for recognizing and treating initial presentations of patients with ACS, we must not only be aware of atypical presentations of ACS, but also non-traditional risk factors for CHD.

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Acute Valvular Emergencies: Pearls and Pitfalls

The patient with acute valvular emergency can be terrifying. These patients may rapidly decompensate, and the physiology and management are complex. What can you do to prepare? This post provides pearls and pitfalls in the evaluation and management of patients with acute valvular emergency. You may be surprised what you read...

practice updates

Tachycardic Arrhythmias in Pregnancy: Management

Cardiac arrhythmias are not common in pregnancy, but they can occur. While the workup and management is quite similar to the non-pregnant patient, there are subtle differences. This is a brief review of the ED management of unstable and stable tachycardic arrhythmias in pregnancy.