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EM@3AM: Myocarditis

A 18-year-old male presents with chest pain and shortness of breath for several days. Approximately one week prior he was suffering from myalgia, congestion, sore throat, and fever and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Today his vitals are HR 132, RR 28, BP 92/48, T 37.8 C, and Sats 95% on RA. What should you consider, and what are your next steps?


The EM Educator Series: Why does my patient keep passing out?

Welcome to this week’s EM Educator Series. These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working. The featured questions provide important learning points for those working with you, as well as vital items to consider in the evaluation and management of the specific condition discussed. Today...Syncope!


ECG Pointers: Posterior MI

Welcome to this week's ECG Pointers, an emDOCs series designed to give you high yield tips about ECGs to keep your interpretation skills sharp. This week we discuss how to identify a posterior STEMI, which can commonly be mistaken as a NSTEMI.