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The EM Educator Series: Sepsis in the ED

Welcome back to The EM Educator Series! These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working and educating. Today we look at several components of sepsis evaluation and management in the ED, followed by key references.


EM@3AM: Epistaxis

A 62-year-old male presents holding a bloody wash cloth pinched over his nose spitting blood into a coffee mug.  His wife walks in behind him with a grocery bag full of medications.  Among them you recognize a common blood thinner. What is the diagnosis, and what are your next steps?

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Top emDOCs Posts of 2017

The emDOCs team is incredibly grateful for our readers and our amazing contributing authors. You and your amazing support always keep us going. Here is our list of top posts from 2017. Stay tuned for an exciting 2018, and thanks again for your support! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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ECG Pointers: AV Blocks – Part I

Welcome to this week's ECG Pointers, an EMDocs series designed to give you high yield tips about ECGs to keep your interpretation skills sharp. This post is one of two looking at atrioventricular blocks.

Elemental EM

Elemental EM: Preeclampsia

In the ED, we see patients with asymptomatic hypertension who are frequently discharged with primary care follow-up. This post opens a brief discussion and opportunity for learning about an instance where asymptomatic hypertension requires urgent action, hypertension in pregnancy.

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ECG Pointers: Pericarditis

Welcome to the new ECG Pointers, an EMDocs series designed to give you high yield tips about ECGs to keep your interpretation skills sharp. Today, we look at pericarditis.