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EMin5: NOACs – Novel Oral Anticoagulants

emDOCs would like to introduce a new series in association with creator and founder of EMin5, Dr. Anna Pickens! We will be hosting videos from Dr. Pickens with links to further reading to provide focused visual and audio learning for those with a short time to obtain what you need for your next shift. Today EMin5 covers NOACs.


EM@3AM: Small Bowel Obstruction

A 63-year-old female presents with abdominal pain, decreased bowel movements, nausea, three episodes of vomiting, and abdominal distension. She has a history multiple abdominal surgeries. Exam shows abdominal distension and generalized tenderness, but no peritoneal signs. What are your next steps?

EM Educator

The EM Educator Series: Why is my burn patient so sick?

Welcome back to the EM Educator Series. These posts provide brief mini-cases followed by key questions to consider while working. The featured questions provide important learning points for those working with you, as well as vital items to consider in the evaluation and management of the specific condition discussed. This week we have a case of the sick burn patient.

Pain Profiles

Pain Profiles: Intravenous Lidocaine for Intractable Renal Colic Unresponsive to Standard Therapy

emDocs is proud to present a new series by Dr. David Cisewski evaluating pain management in the emergency department. One of our most important roles in the ED is not only resuscitation and risk stratification, but treating pain. This series is here to help! Today's post evaluates the use of IV lidocaine in renal colic.