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Tox Cards: Novel Synthetic Opioids

Fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives are causing a spike in overdose deaths, whereas deaths from prescription opioids are stabilizing. Patients overdosing on novel synthetic opioids or "designer opioids" can require high doses of naloxone. Health care personnel can be at risk for exposure without proper protection.

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Laundry Detergent Pod Toxicity

Laundry detergent pods may look tasty, but they can have significant toxicity if ingested, inhaled, or exposed to mucous membranes in pediatric patients. This post from Sean Fox details what you need to know.

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Euglycemic DKA Secondary to SGLT2 inhibitors

DKA classically presents with hyperglycemia, presence of ketones, acidosis, anion gap, and low serum bicarbonate. What about DKA with normal or slightly elevated blood glucose? This post evaluates the new SGLT2 inhibitors and euglycemic DKA.