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Seizure Mimics

The pediatric patient with seizure, or is it really a seizure? A host of other conditions can look just like seizure. This Peds EM Morsel provides you with some answers.


Stroke Mimics: Pearls and Pitfalls

A stroke mimic is defined as a nonvascular disease that presents with stroke-like symptoms, often indistinguishable from an actual stroke. Why does it matter if a mimic is diagnosed as a stroke? Learn the pearls and pitfalls of stroke mimics.

practice updates

Neuro Intubation Highlights

You are working a busy shift when you receive a phone call from EMS that they are bringing in a “sick trauma patient.” As you prepare the trauma bay, the patient arrives. He is the victim of an assault and in clear need of intubation. He is unconscious with a GCS of 5, HR 125, BP 180/11, Sp02 88% on NRB 15 lpm, RR 22. As you prepare your medications, what are the best options for this scenario? Pre-treatment with lidocaine, fentantyl or esmolol? Is it okay to use ketamine in trauma patients in traumatic brain injury (TBI)?