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EM@3AM: Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

A 31-year-old female presents with headache. She has a history of migraines, but states that this headache is different. The headache came on over the past two days, but she has been having intermittent double vision when she changes positions, which is new. Exam reveals an obese female in no acute distress. Visual acuity is normal, but she has mild left sixth nerve palsy. Fundoscopic exam reveals bilateral papilledema. The rest of her neurologic exam is unremarkable. What are the next steps in management?

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2018 AHA/ASA Ischemic Stroke Updates

With all the new stroke literature, how can you keep track of everything? Fortunately, the AHA/ASA recently published the 2018 ischemic strokes guidelines. This post provides emergency medicine-focused highlights of the updated guidelines.