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Massive Vaginal Bleeding

"Packing may be the most effective hemostatic temporizing measure that can be performed in the ED"
Jessica Lopez, MD discusses the management of the non-pregnant patient with severe vaginal bleeding, including tamponade techniques and the utility of tranexamic acid.


Pregnant and Sick: Haney Mallemat (AllNYCEM6)

"Everything that can go wrong with these patients will"
Our second writeup from the 6th All NYC EM Conference is of Dr. Haney Mallemat's lecture on the critically ill and expecting patient. He covers the important underlying physiologic principles, changes you should (or shouldn't) make to your usual approach with a critical patient, and pitfalls you need to be aware of. The information he gave was great - detailed yet still able to be abstracted into an easy mnemonic. We hope you enjoy it (we sure did!).