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EM@3AM: Elbow Dislocation

A 15-year-old male with no past medical history comes in complaining of left arm pain. The patient was brought to the emergency department by his mother just after he fell while playing football. The patient is noted to have his arm held at 45-degree flexion. There is significant swelling over distal humerus, elbow, and proximal forearm with inability to extend at the elbow. What is most likely to be seen on radiographs?


EM@3AM: Metacarpal Base Fractures

A 22-year old male presents to the ED after landing on his right thumb while playing football with some friends. The pain and swelling became progressively worse as he notes pain with any movement of his thumb. He is right hand dominant. On exam, the right MCP joint is edematous with point tenderness and ecchymosis, though the skin is closed. What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?


EM@3AM: Pyogenic Flexor Tenosynovitis

A 40-year-old female presents to your Emergency Department with three days of pain and swelling in her right index finger. On exam, her right index finger is diffusely swollen, erythematous, and held in flexion. There is a punctate wound on the dorsal finger distal to the  DIP. She has significant tenderness to palpation of the flexor compartment of the finger and pain on extension. What is your next step in evaluation and treatment?