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EM@3AM: Osteomyelitis

A 51-year-old male with diabetes mellitus presents with pain in his left foot, as well as fever and chills. His physical exam is notable for a 3 cm ulcer over the plantar aspect of his left first MTP joint, with surrounding warmth and erythema. Using a sterile instrument, bone was easily probed. What is your next step in evaluation and treatment?


EM@3AM: Tibial Plateau Fracture

40-year-old male is brought by EMS after being struck on his left side while crossing the street by a vehicle at 20 mph. He is visibly uncomfortable, laying on his right side, and refusing to move his left leg. His left lower extremity has an obvious effusion along with localized swelling and tenderness over the lateral aspect of his knee joint. Ligament and meniscal evaluation cannot be completed due to pain on knee exam. There are no signs of neurovascular compromise on exam. What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?


EM@3AM: Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

A 35-year-old male presents with right shoulder pain. He was playing football with some friends, and as he was in the midst of throwing the football, a friend hit his throwing arm. He is holding his arm in an internally rotated and abducted position. You are able to detect an ulnar and radial pulse in the hand of the affected arm, and his median, ulnar, and radial motor and sensory function is normal in the right hand.  What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?


EM in 5: Rapid Neuro Hand Exam

Welcome to this week’s edition of EMin5 by Dr. Anna Pickens.  Today we’ll review a few tips on how to do a rapid neurology exam of the hand, and the great thing is you can complete the whole thing with one swift motion!