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EM@3AM: 5th Metatarsal Fractures

A 23-year-old female presents with left foot pain after rolling her ankle in volleyball. She has some minor ankle pain, but her lateral foot is painful to touch or with weightbearing. On exam, the base of her 5th metatarsal is tender to palpation, with swelling and ecchymosis. What are your next steps, and what is the likely diagnosis?


EM@3AM: Lisfranc Injury

A 33-year-old male comes in to the emergency department after a soccer game with right foot pain and swelling.  He has been unable to bear weight on his right foot since the injury and has noticed increased pain and swelling to the area. Physical exam reveals a patient in mild discomfort with right foot swelling and pain. He is unable to bear weight, and right foot exam is notable for midfoot edema with plantar ecchymosis. What is the diagnosis, and what are your next steps?


EM@3AM: Proximal Femur Fracture

A 77-year-old female presents with left proximal femur and hip pain after falling from a standing position. She tripped over a rug and landed on her left side. She denies LOC or other symptoms. Her left leg is shortened and externally rotated. Her pulses in the leg are normal, and she is able to move her foot and toes. What are your next steps, and what is the likely diagnosis?