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Croup: ED-focused Highlights

The pediatric patient with that classic barking cough. Is it croup? How do we evaluate and treat these patients? This post evaluates these questions and more.

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Pediatric Protective Custody

When an emergency physician is faced with a scenario in which he or she does not believe a legal guardian is acting in a child's best interests, further investigation and possibly action is required. In cases where the child’s health or safety are in question, temporary protective custody of a minor may be needed. This post evaluates several cases concerning this topic.

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Can’t Intubate Can’t Ventilate

“Can’t Intubate Can’t Ventilate” is one of the frightening statements that causes massive surges of adrenaline in everyone. Unfortunately, most neural synapses don’t function well with that large surge of adrenaline, and it is, therefore, imperative to contemplate how to manage this scenario before it arises.

PEM Playbook

PEM Playbook – Altered Mental Status in Children

Altered mental status in children can be subtle. Look for age-specific behaviors that range from irritability to anger to sleepiness to decreased interaction. In the altered child, anchoring bias is your biggest enemy. Keep your mind open to the possibilities, and be ready to change it, when new information becomes available. For altered adults, use AEIOU TIPS (Alcohol-Epilepsy-Insulin-Overdose-Uremia-Trauma-Infection-Psychosis-Stroke).

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Ear, Nose, and Throat Foreign Bodies

Foreign bodies of the ear, nose and throat are commonly seen complaints in emergency department, namely the pediatric emergency department. This is a brief review of some commonly seen foreign bodies and how to remove them safely.