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EM@3AM: Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

A 3-year-old male presents with pallor and nosebleeds. On exam, the patient looks pale and has petechiae across his arms and back. His spleen is palpable. Labs reveal white blood cell count 20,900/μL, absolute neutrophil count 10,400/μL, absolute lymphocyte count 1800/μL, hemoglobin 5.9 g/dL, and platelet count 20 × 10^3/μL. What's the diagnosis?

Peds EM Morsels

Sentinel Bruising & Abusive Injury

A common theme amongst the Ped EM Morsels is remaining vigilant while maintaining a reasonable approach to the care of children. Many devastating conditions can be quite subtle in their initial presentation.