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EM@3AM: Intussusception

A 3-year-old male presents with his mom with chief complaint of vomiting and recurrent abdominal pain. Her son will intermittently cry and refuse to eat, followed by normal activity. His appetite has been decreased. VS are normal. Physical exam reveals a patient who appears stated age, nontoxic, and playful. Your physical exam, including abdomen and GU, is normal. The mom rushes out several minutes later and notifies you that her son is crying and holding his abdomen. What’s the diagnosis, and what’s your next step in your evaluation and treatment?

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Pediatric Difficult Airway

Airway management in the ED is a complex interplay of patient factors, clinical illness status, and provider factors that through our thorough training we become proficient at navigating. One topic that deserves specific attention is the notion of a Difficult Airway.