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EM@3AM: Kidney Transplant Complications

A 65-year-old with a history of ESRD and renal transplant presents to the ED with lower abdominal pain and fevers. On exam, his vitals include HR 112, BP 101/62, RR 22, T 101.1, SpO2 98% on RA. His is tachycardic with lower extremity edema and lower abdominal tenderness to palpation. What’s the next step in your evaluation and treatment?


EM@3AM: Hyper- and HypoCa

A 59-year-old male with history of CML presents to the emergency department with left sided flank pain. He was sitting in a chair 4 hours ago when the pain suddenly started. The pain has been constant since onset. He appears uncomfortable, with mild tenderness in the LLQ. Testicular exam is normal. What is your presumed diagnosis, and what is the most likely contributor?