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Commonly Missed Findings on CT Abdomen/Pelvis

CT: the donut of truth. Most physicians breathe a little easier sending a patient home with a negative CT abdomen/pelvis. However, the power of x-ray vision doesn’t allow us to turn off our brains. Certain pathologies may have only subtle findings on CT, and others may lend themselves better to other imaging modalities, such as ultrasound. By being aware of these pathologies and how to identify them, we can better recognize patients at risk of a missed diagnosis.

practice updates

Ultrasound for Retained Radiolucent Foreign Body in Soft Tissue

Author: Stephen Alerhand MD (EM Resident Physician, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) (@SAlerhand) // Edited by: Alex Koyfman MD (@EMHighAK) Situation A 6 year-old right-handed female patient walks into your ED with her parents complaining of pain to her left hand. According to her parents, the patient began complaining of pain sometime in […]