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Ultrasound G.E.L.

Ultrasound G.E.L. – The Venous Excess Ultrasound Grading System & Acute Kidney Injury

You may have heard whispers of a magical new way to determine if your patient has too much fluid on board. The VExuS (Venous Excess UltraSound) grading system has been described as a way to use the IVC in combination with abdominal organ doppler in order to determine the degree of venous congestion. This is the first study that takes a look at the VExUS system to see if it can predict acute kidney injury in post-operative patients.

Ultrasound G.E.L.

Ultrasound G.E.L. – POCUS for Peritonsillar Abscess

Do you use ultrasound for suspected peritonsillar abscess (PTA)? Some of us probably do, some don't - but what does the evidence say?? Does it help the clinician? and (dare we ask) does it help the patient? This paper is potentially the best data we currently have on the topic. Mike and special guest Kim Fender dive straight into the purulence of this fluctuant topic.