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Ultrasound for Achilles Tendon Rupture

Combined with physical exam (+ Thompson's test), here's a a quick, cheap, readily available way to assess dynamic motion and contralateral evaluation for possible Achilles tendon rupture. The answer may not be definitive without further MRI, but perhaps get Ortho's attention without a formal radiograph.

practice updates

Intern Report Collection, Vol. 5

Our ongoing intern report series is the product of first-year EM residents at UT Southwestern exploring clinical questions they have found to be particularly intriguing. For med students & junior residents – if you haven’t encountered these issues yet, you will!


The Hypotensive ED Patient: A Sequential Systematic Approach

Treat the patient, not the number. A blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg in a chronically hypertensive patient can be dangerously low. Whatever the HPI may suggest, unbiased implementation of the bedside physical examination and sonography are crucial in the workup of unexplained hypotension. This four step systematic approach of sequentially assessing heart rate, volume status, cardiac performance, and systemic vascular resistance can narrow the differential and guide management.