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UTI Empiric Antibiotics

What antibiotic should you use for pediatric UTI? Dr. Sean Fox from Pediatric EM Morsels gives you the must-know content on empiric pediatric UTI treatment.

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Must Know Antimicrobial Regimens – Adults

There are certain diseases we see every day in the ED, including pneumonia, UTI, and cellulitis. A variety of antimicrobials exists, but what are the regimens that you must know for treating common infections in the ED? This post evaluates your "must know" regimens for treatment.

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Foley Catheter Patients: Common ED Presentations / Management / Pearls & Pitfalls

The patient with a Foley catheter is common in the ED. Patients with these catheters can experience several complications, one of the most common being a catheter-associated UTI. This post evaluates this complication, with pearls, pitfalls, and some key components of evaluation and management.