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If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you already have a good sense of how much valuable information can be found on #FOAMed from day to day. Keeping up with Twitter can be difficult though, especially as the FOAMed movement becomes more popular and the number of related tweets continues to increase. Information overload is an issue we all deal with on a daily basis, and finding mechanisms to get to the information that is most high-yield and relevant is crucial. Twitter provides an easy way to assess the popularity (and in the FOAM world, possibly the clinical utility) of its content through the crowdsourcing functions of retweeting and favoriting tweets.

This reasoning was the inspiration behind TweetED, an iPhone app that aggregates FOAMed from Twitter, helping you to find, share, and save the most useful clinical information.

TweetED brings together multiple FOAM hashtags (#FOAMed, #FOAMped, #FOAMcc, #FOAMtox, #EMBoardReview, #EMConf), as well as the Twitter userlist published in EMA’s February 2014 introduction to FOAM paper. The app provides the ability to sort tweets by time as well as by popularity (the “score” is a composite of the number of retweets and favorites), and lets you boost that score to increase the visibility to other users.

The ephemeral nature of tweets is often at odds with our desire to keep that medical knowledge around for later reference. TweetED is also integrated with Evernote, so you can save tweets to your default notebook for future indexing, tagging, and searching. and the Twitter iPhone app do offer means of sorting and saving tweets, though these features are designed for all-purpose content from a much broader user base. I think the FOAMed community has something special going on right now, and finding ways to improve on the organization and delivery of our collective and specific knowledge is an inherent part of what we’re about.

Feedback on the app is encouraged, and thanks to all of the contributers to #FOAMed for making it possible in the first place!

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    1. Hey Jacob, it’s on my todo list, although when it’ll happen exactly is tough to say. It’s definitely helpful to know people would be interested in an android version.

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