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The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Mindset

Pediatric emergency medicine can differ from adult EM in several ways. Dr. James O'Neill brings you his thoughts on pediatric EM in this EM Mindset.


One Physician’s Advice to the New Grad

To the Class of 2016 – Congratulations!! You’ve made it. After at least 11 years of post-high school education, you have finally reached that proverbial finish line and are ready to transition from resident to attending. What I would like to share with you is some advice about what life is li...


Reflections on Leadership and Resilience in Emergency Medicine

Who are the people you consider the biggest leaders and influencers of change in our profession? What traits do they have that seem to make them a natural for their role? How did they get there? Perhaps even better questions to ask – what makes some people more engaged in their job? Why do some...