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Laundry Detergent Pod Toxicity

Laundry detergent pods may look tasty, but they can have significant toxicity if ingested, inhaled, or exposed to mucous membranes in pediatric patients. This post from Sean Fox details what you need to know.

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Fever of Unknown Origin

What do you do with the pediatric patient with fever of unknown origin? Is it infection, immunologic, drug fever, a malignancy? Dr. Sean Fox gives you what you need to know on pediatric fever of unknown origin.

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Every so often you encounter a patient that has a finding that catches you by surprise. Like having air in places that should not have air in them. We have discussed spontaneous pneumothorax and traumatic pneumothorax in children as well as how to detect pneumothorax in neonates and how to treat a...

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Pediatric Rash

“Rash” seems to be a ubiquitous complaint some days in the Ped ED. Knowing that the skin is the largest organ, it seems only appropriate that we should take these complaints seriously. Unfortunately, often I feel a little inadequate when trying to decipher the code of the Pediatric Rash.

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The Scary Airway Series Part II: Mastering Obesity, Peds, and Burns

We’ve all heard it at one point or another: “Man, I’d HATE to have to intubate THAT!” Typically, this sentence is used to describe a patient in an ominous, sphincter-tightening situation, or the patient with the obviously suboptimal airway. You walk by the door to the Resuscitation Bay or T...

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Options to Intravenous Fluids

IO Placement: "Should be done without hesitation in a child who lacks easily obtainable IV access and signs of poor perfusion"Placing an IV in a sick pediatric patient can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are options! Thanks to Sean M. Fox, MD (@PedEMMorsels) for this gem with significant clinical relevance.