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Beta Blockers in Sepsis

"Beta blockers may improve hemodynamics, organ preservation, pressor requirements, and mortality"
Is there a role for beta blockade in septic patients? It seems counterintuitive, but Cynthia Santos, MD presents some recent literature suggesting a benefit in an ICU setting.

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AMA with Anand Swaminathan, MD (@EMSwami)

Live Blog Ask Me Anything with Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH

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Pediatric Syncope

"The key to the ED evaluation of pediatric syncope is using the history, physical, and ECG to exclude serious pathology"
Great review of pediatric syncope from Zach Radwine, MD, including red flags, an extensive differential, and normal vs. abnormal peds ECG findings.

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Aggressive BP Management in Patients with ICH

"The patient was hypertensive with SBP in 220s...a stat CT scan revealed a large intraparenchymal hemorrhage"
What's the goal BP in a patient with ICH? How quickly should that target be reached? What's the evidence? Ben Cooper, MD addresses these questions and more in this review of the recent literature.