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EM@3AM: Impetigo

A 9-month-old male presents with a rash and fever for 4 days. Mom reports the rash began in the axillae and groin and spread to the trunk. She notes the rash started as small, erythematous lesions that have progressed to bullae which are unroofing. The rash is associated with intermittent fevers (Tmax of 102°F) and diarrhea. The patient’s vital signs include T 101.2F, BP 93/56, HR 163, RR 40, SpO2 of 99% on room air. On physical exam, the patient appears pale with a prolonged capillary refill. His skin exam is significant for an erythematous rash with scattered ruptured bullae with brown crust and a collarette of scales across the trunk, axillae, perineal and flexural thigh areas. What is the diagnosis?


EM@3AM: Sacral fractures

A 75-year-old male with a history of hypertension, osteoarthritis, and diabetes mellitus presents to the ED with a chief complaint of lower back pain.  He states that he fell a few days ago and the pain is getting worse, particularly when he is sitting down. His vitals include blood pressure 150/95, heart rate 95, SPO2 99%, temperature 36.6C, and a glucose of 143. On examination, the pelvis is stable, but he endorses tenderness midline along his sacrum. He has a normal neurologic exam in all extremities. What’s the diagnosis?