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Pediatric Rash

“Rash” seems to be a ubiquitous complaint some days in the Ped ED. Knowing that the skin is the largest organ, it seems only appropriate that we should take these complaints seriously. Unfortunately, often I feel a little inadequate when trying to decipher the code of the Pediatric Rash.

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Pediatric Chest Pain

Children like to pretend to be grown-ups. Unfortunately, sometimes they develop grown-up problems (Cholelithiasis, Kidney Stones, and Hypertension). Additionally, often kids will complain of symptoms that warrant great concern in adults, but often engender apathy when considered in children. Chest Pain is a great example of one of these complaints.

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Neonatal HSV

Neonatal HSV is a rare condition, but one that results in devastating Morbidity and Mortality; therefore, it is imperative that we keep it on our radar and stay vigilant for it!

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Inconsolable Infant

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is merely “Colic” in the 2 month old, let us quickly highlight some entities that should be at the top of your DDx when evaluating the inconsolable child

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Hypertensive Crisis in Kids

I think that we’d all agree that 144/89 is not a normal blood pressure, but it is one that those of us who have the pleasure of caring for adults will look at with almost a sense of comfort – because it isn’t 70/30 or 210/120. Unfortunately, however, this sense of reassurance cannot be had when dealing with children. Depending on the patient’s sex, age, and height, 144/89 may not only represent hypertension but may be associated with hypertensive crisis in kids!