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EM Cases

EM Cases: Emergency Approach to Resolved Seizures

In this Episode 132 Emergency Approach to Resolved Seizures, Dr. Paul Koblic and Dr. Aylin Reid discuss with Anton the nuances in history taking, physical examination, workup and management of the patient who presents to the ED after suffering a seizure.

EM Cases

EM Cases: PEA Arrest, PseudoPEA and PREM – With Simard and Weingart

In this EM Cases Episode 131 PEA Arrest, PseudoPEA and PREM with Rob Simard of POCUS Cases fame and the co-author of The POCUS Pulse Check paper and Scott Weingart, we go beyond ACLS and guide you through the complex world of Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA).

EM Cases

EM Cases: Electrical Injuries – The Tip of the Iceberg View

We’ll give you the tools to help risk stratify electrical injuries, give some guidance on fluid resuscitation, describe immediate management of acute complications and make you aware of the potential delayed complications that must be anticipated.