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Top emDocs Posts of 2020

Thank you for everything you do! We bring you the top posts from this last year.


Top emDocs Posts of 2019

This year has been full of great #FOAMed, and the emDOCs team is incredibly grateful for our readers, our editorial team, and our awesome authors. You and your amazing support keep us going. Here is our list of top posts from 2019. Stay tuned for an exciting 2020, and thanks again for your support!


The Patient Experience: Why Is It Important? Why Do We Hate It So Much? What Can We Do To Improve?

I HAVE BECOME INFATUATED WITH THE PATIENT CARE EXPERIENCE. I believe the term “patient care experience” is a more inclusive term that describes our technical expertise while also including everything else, such as communication, department ambience, throughput, and the behavior of everyone a patient comes into contact with while in the department.


#dontgetleftbehind: FOAMed and Social Media for EM Educators

"As one develops a skill set, FOAM becomes a more valued tool for fine-tuning your already engrained knowledge"Coverage of the FOAMed workshop at CORD 2014 from Adaira Landry, MD (@allarounddoc), with a primer on how to get involved in the social media and medical education movement.