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EM@3AM: Infectious Mononucleosis

A 17-year-old male with history of asthma presents to the ED with a chief complaint of sore throat for the past 3 days, associated with decreased oral intake. He denies sick contacts. Vital signs include Temp 100.6F, BP 124/78, HR 92, RR 16, 96% on RA. On exam the patient has swollen, erythematous tonsils with grayish exudate, as well as enlarged, tender anterior and posterior cervical chain lymph nodes. What is the most likely diagnosis?


emDOCs Podcast – Episode 66: NSTI Pearls and Pitfalls Part II

Today's podcast covers part II of necrotizing soft tissue infection pearls and pitfalls on imaging and management with Jess Pelletier. Jess is an emergency medicine physician and Education Fellow at Washington University School of Medicine. This second part looks at imaging and management of NSTI.