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Thiamine Deficiency: Pearls and Pitfalls

Learn the nuances and importance of thiamine in your patient that presents to the ED. This in-depth article dives into the latest literature out on thiamine and how it relates to your patient in the ED.


Exercise-Induced Emergencies in the Heat: Rhabdomyolysis & Exertional Heat Stroke

With the increasing popularity of high-intensity exercise regimens, visits to the Emergency Department among otherwise young and healthy individuals may be more common. The majority of metabolic abnormalities that occur after an extreme exercise event, whether a marathon or a new high-intensity exer...


emDocs Wellness: Physician Burnout

Burnout is a issue that remains a problem for physicians of all specialties. This is a general overview burnout, how to measure it, and a brief discussion on potential solutions. Future articles will further address solutions to burnout and how employers and hospitals can take measures toward prevention and treatment.