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practice updates

EM@3AM: Mucormycosis

A 65-year-old male with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes and ESRD on dialysis presents for right sided nose/facial discomfort and swelling and fever. Exam reveals altered mental status. He has right nasal swelling and tenderness, with a necrotic area on nasal septum. He is tachycardic, but the CV, pulmonary, skin, and GI systems are otherwise normal. What’s the likely diagnosis?

practice updates

OBCast: Antepartum Hemorrhage

Welcome back to another edition of OBCast. This week Ben Shepherd covers antepartum hemorrhage with a video and summary.

practice updates

Push-Dose Vasopressors: An Update for 2019

How should you use push-dose vasopressors in the ED? This post looks at the evidence behind their use and provides key points for patient care. As an added bonus, the post contains cards that can be printed for easy use on shift.